Point at Nine Mile Update ( June 6 ) - The opening window is narrowing. King Soopers and other retail is expected to open in late August to September time frame. Funding decision by the Denver Regional Council of Governments on pedestrian bridge over S. Parker will occur in August. Keeping digits crossed.

March 2019 The Point at Nine Mile update. The new King Soopers store continues to move forward for the planned opening by the  November/December holidays later this year. The Main Street retail shopping area is also starting to take shape along with the new King Soopers gas station. The existing Key Bank branch will be moving into the new Main Street area. Potential funding for a pedestrian bridge over Parker is in the works. Keep in mind that up to date information is available on the project web page.

Point at Nine Mile/Regatta Plaza Update (June16) - I participated in a conference call with the development team yesterday. Construction on the new King Soopers will commence in approximately one month. Grand opening of the new store is anticipated for the summer of 2019. The acquisition of Key Bank has been accomplished.

The Point - Developer Update (May 7th) - Since approval, we have had Xcel on site relocating the electrical line along Peoria going from Parker almost to Cornell. We have also had ESA removing the remaining underground wet utility lines over the past couple weeks as they prepare to turn the site over to Brinkmann.  Brinkmann, our contractor, has been on site preparing the dirt for excavation and installation of the underground utilities. We have ordered our underground detention vault system and hope to be installing it in the next 45 days to the south of the existing Key Bank. We have also met with Spinnaker Run to discuss the installation of the retaining wall and screen wall along our eastern boundary.  Xcel was also part of that meeting as they are wanting an easement along the drive aisle exit to connect two of their switching station.

​​Point at Nine Mile/Regatta Plaza Update (March 5) - FINALLY! I have just been notified that the Kroger Board of Directors has formally approved the establishment of the new King Soopers. Construction will commence this spring with an expected completion date of mid (summer) of 2019. This will spur interest by others to occupy the site consistent with the approved site plans. Now we need to continue to fight for Federal infrastructure assistance to build the pedestrian overpass to the RTD facility. I will be joining some of my colleagues on Council in April on a visit to our Congressional delegation. I will be urging serious consideration of this already pending request.

​Nine Mile (Feb. 17th) - I did get a report back from Ms. Amonick and she has indicated that everything is progressing well. The acquisition of Key Bank is about to be finalized. Kroger has met all of its benchmarks in terms of submitting plans and permit requests. We are all just waiting for the final Kroger Board of Directors approval which has been promised to us no later than March 31st.

The Point (Regatta Plaza) - Developer Update (01/05/18)
Happy 2018!
We wanted to let everyone know that King Soopers has sent their construction documents out to bid last month to their contractor base. It is my understanding that the responses are due from the general contractors sometime this month.  Based on what we have been told, their corporate parent, Kroger, should then review everything and put the final stamp of approval in February/March.  Once Corporate Funding Approval is received we will be able to proceed with the underground infrastructure and King Soopers will shortly thereafter start construction of their store.
There has been a lot of conversation about the temporary road.  We want to remind everyone that the temporary road is bisecting an active construction area that on one side King Soopers will be constructing their store and on the other side we will be constructing the North Retail. In addition, the entire north half of the site will be getting the underground infrastructure of utilities installed. With the simultaneous development, we were truly pinched on the width of the road and were not able to accommodate an additional pedestrian route along with the vehicle route. This decision was not done without serious consideration of all possible alternatives.  The rebuilding of E. Dartmouth on site and still maintaining an additional access to the existing King Soopers are in direct conflict with each other since they cross perpendicular to one another. This coordination has been under the review by representatives from all design consultants, development partners and the City in order to best accommodate the access and the development at the same time. Our goal is to be able to develop the North Half (Retail, King Soopers, E. Dartmouth, all utilities) of the Project at the same time which is only possible with a high level of coordination between all contractors, subcontractors, and tradespeople. This also requires a constant review and reconsideration of public access and construction access to minimize conflict.  Unfortunately, the existing King Soopers is tucked back into a corner of the site that only allowed for an additional access that would have to snake through the construction zone in such a way that we could maintain the vehicle access for as long as possible while we are installing a more permanent access point, E. Dartmouth Ave.
Thank you all very much for your understanding. We will give you an update in the next couple of weeks.


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