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Ward IV Notes

“The first responsibility of local government is to provide its citizens a safe environment to live, work and raise a family. I will work every day to ensure our neighborhoods and streets are safe and secure.”

December 2017 - Be aware of porch pirates.  Here’s  a link to a story we did a few weeks ago on Aurora News Weekly:


October 27 - Legal Resource Day @ 18th Judicial District Arapahoe County Courthouse.  A FREE public event with Clinics.  Register Early by calling 720-568-4844 or email   >Legal Resource Day Flyer

Oct 2017 - Hazardous Tree Removal Program –  In an effort to reduce the significant number of dead trees the Community Development Division established a grant funded program available city wide to income eligible homeowners. >more

Sept 2017 - The Aurora Public Library, in conjunction with the Colorado State Library and the educational publishing company, Gale, is now a provider of the Career Online High School >more

Street Racing, May 16th - On May 12th and 13th from 8pm to 3am, members of the Aurora Police Department Motor Enforcement Unit (MET), along with members of District 3 Police Area Representatives (PAR), engaged in an operation to address the growing problem of aggressive driving in our city, specifically street racing.  A total of 67 summons were issued for speed violations, specifically on I-225 Hwy at E. Yale Ave. in the northbound lanes, with our highest speed violation being 107 mph.  Late in the evening on May 13th approximately 200 vehicles, some we believe associated with several street racing groups, assembled at a shopping center, located on the southwest corner of S. Parker Road at E. Arapahoe Road.  The gathering was calm and no violations of disturbing the peace or traffic violations were observed.  Some of the vehicles that left in large groups were monitored and several stopped for speeding violations, but none were observed racing.  Some of these vehicles have illegally modified exhaust systems which when accelerating increases the noise intensity.  When traveling on I-225 Hwy at E. Yale Ave. these exhaust systems are further amplified when the noise hits the concrete walls on both sides of the highway. 
APD will continue to conduct these types of operations throughout the summer months with the main objective to protect the public from these acts of aggressive driving.  We also hope to deliver a strong message that this kind of driving behavior will not be tolerated in the City of Aurora.  We encourage anyone witnessing streets racing, or any acts of aggressive driving, to contact the Aurora Police Department immediately at 303-627-3100, or by dialing *CSP (*277) on their cell phones.   

Coyote Issues Jewell Wetland, May 5Within the last two weeks, there have been comments of an increase in coyote/visitor interactions at Jewell Wetland.  Patrols and interviews conducted by Ranger staff of visitors frequenting the site indicate a strong correlation between dogs off-leash and “shadowing” by adult coyotes, including a report of a coyote that bit a large dog in close proximity to the owner.  This behavior falls within normal, expected coyote reactions this time of year when coyote pups are typically present in Open Space.  Adult coyotes are vigilant and protective of young pups and den sites. As adopted protocol goes, staff reached out to Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), as the agency who has a right to manage all wildlife in the state. In the case of the problems we have had at Jewell Wetland, CPW did a site visit and found that the number of dog off leash issues in this open space park has exacerbated the problem with the coyotes in their effort to protect their pups. Because of this issue, they are concerned that more aggressive coyote behavior could escalate.  They would need to manage the coyote family under those circumstances, likely removing the entire family.
Out of an abundance of caution, and as this is a short-term condition (pups will mature rapidly and are less vulnerable), we will be closing the trails within Jewell Wetland to users effective this evening. This is expected to be a short-term, seasonal closure, that will last only a few weeks.  This effort is aimed at reducing conflict and protecting wildlife, citizens and their pets. Staff has communicated this plan of action to the Animal Care Division and will also be posting information via social media outlets.

Vote tonight on ballot issue for Mayor and Council Members April 3

I voted along with 3 other Council Members to not submit a ballot issue for a pay raise. Nevertheless 6 Council Members did so. In my opinion the salary has steadily been sufficiently increased by inflation since it was last adjusted in 1993. In addition we receive allowances for auto, health and travel. While many hours are spent every week in this position the City remains a City Manager form of government. Moreover as I have said on numerous occasions we currently have a very dominating City Manager who handles all operational issues and many policy issues. If we had a City Manager who had a style of a more diffuse power arrangement I could have considered supporting the measure. Otherwise the same pay is still satisfactory for the same duties.>more

Regatta Plaza Update March 17We had a great turnout last night. I want to summarize the discussion. Simply put the City and King Soopers continue to negotiate the terms of the transfer of the existing store to the new store at the NE corner. Many great questions were asked of our panel consisting of representatives of the developer and the City. Unfortunately there is no timetable that can be established. It was the opinion of the panel that boycotting the current store would not be an effective measure at this time. Unlike the other sites it is not feasible to condemn an active grocery store. The City simply cannot afford the cost of this. If you attended the meeting please feel free to share your views and opinions.

FEBRUARY 16TH - I want to thank everybody who showed up and the many of you who actively participated in the Q and A portion. I have a big request. Our future as a City depends upon the involvement of as many people as we can muster. However I have noticed, as some of you have also mentioned to me, we don't seem to have many young people in attendance. Please think about asking a Ward 4 neighbor, friend, co-worker who is {18-40} to come to one of the Ward meetings. Thanx

Legal Resource Day


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